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Main Menu


Mixed Appetizer [combination of samosa, pakora, & aloo tiki] $10

Vegetable Samosa [fried turnover stuffed w/ potatoes & peas] $6

Assorted Pakora [batter dipped, deep fried assorted vegetables] $6

Aloo Tiki [seasoned smashed potato patties deep fried] $6

Chicken Pakora [boneless chicken pieces marinated; batter dipped, & deep fried] $12

Fish Pakora [marinated tilapia batter dipped & deep fried] $12

Chicken Lollipop [wings marinated w/ herbs & deep fried] $12

Palace Appetizer [combination of chicken tikka, malai kebab, seek kebab, salmon tikka, tandoori chicken, shrimp tikka, & lamb kebab] $24

Chicken Tikka [marinated chicken chunks cooked in tandoor clay oven] (4 pieces) $12

Meat Samosa [fried turnover stuffed w/ minced lamb & peas] $12

Mirchi Pakora [long hot pepper stuffed w/ potatoes & cheese] $9

Tandoori Paneer Tikka [cottage cheese w/ spiced yogurt] $16

Paneer Pakora [cottage cheese marinated; batter dipped, & deep fried] $12

Vegetarian Specialties

Navrattan Korma [Royal entree of nine vegetables w/ cream sauce] $15

Malai Kofta [Vegetable balls cooked w/ coconut cream sauce & nuts] $15

Paneer Masala [Cottage cheese cooked w/ tomato cream sauce] $15

Palak Paneer [Cottage cheese & spinach cooked w/ ginger & tomatoes] $15

Mutter Paneer [Cottage cheese & peas cooked w/ herbs & spices] $15

Vegetable Makani [Nine vegetables cooked w/ tomato cream sauce] $15

Baigan Bhartha [Eggplant cooked w/ onions tomatoes & peas] VEGAN $13

Dal Makahni [Black lentils cooked w/ tomatoes & cream] $14

Aloo Palak [Spinach & potatoes cooked w/ herbs & spices] $14

Aloo Gobi [Cauliflower & potatoes cooked w/ ginger, tomatoes & spices] $14 VEGAN

Channa Masala [Chickpeas cooked w/ onions, tomatoes & spices] $13 VEGAN

Bhindi Masala [Fried okra sprinkled w/ spices] $13 VEGAN

Chicken Specialties

Chicken Tikka Masala [chicken with vegetables cooked in tomato cream sauce] $18

Chicken Curry [chicken cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, & herbs] $18

Chicken Vindaloo [chicken cooked with spicy curry sauce] $18HOT

Chicken Korma [chicken cooked with coconut cream sauce] $18

Chicken Saag [chicken cooked with spinach and spices] $18

Chicken Chili [deep fried chicken cooked with spices] $18

Lamb Specialties

Lamb Curry [cooked with onions ginger, garlic tomatoes and herbs] $19

Lamb Vindaloo [cooked with spices curry sauce] $19 HOT

Lamb Korma [cooked in onion cream sauce] $19

Lamb Saag [cooked with spinach and herbs] $19

Lamb Rogan [cooked with herbs and spices] $19

Lamb Tikka Masala [cooked in tomato cream sauce] $22

Biryani [rice specialty]

Lamb Biryani [cooked with herbs & caramelized onions] $18

Vegetable Biryani [cooked with herbs& caramelized onions] $15

Chicken Biryani [cooked with herbs & caramelized onions] $17

Shrimp Biryani [cooked with herbs & caramelized onions] $19


House Salad [spring mix with cucumbers, carrots, & tomatoes] $6

Caesar Salad [romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons] $8 (add chicken $2)


Tomato Soup $5

Chicken Soup $5

Mulligatawny Soup [lentil] $7


Raita [yogurt cucumber, carrots, onions, seasoned with salt & pepper] $3

Achar [Indian pickle] $3 Papadum [thin, lentil, flat bread] $3

Mango Chutney……… $3

Indian Salad [red onions, green chilies, & lemon] $3


Peshawari Naan [white bread with almonds, raisin] $6

Garlic Naan [white bread with garlic] $4

Aloo Naan [potato stuffed in white bread with zinger, and herbs $4

Gobi Kulcha [cauliflower stuffed in white bread with zinger, cilantro and herbs] $4

Prantha [multi layered whole wheat bread] $4

Tandoori Roti [whole wheat bread] $3

Keema Naan [white bread stuffed with minced lamb or chicken] $7

Bullet Naan [white bread with green chili garlic and onion. Very hot] $6

Bhatura [deep fried white bread] $4

Puri [deep-fried whole-wheat bread] $4

Onion Naan [white bread with seasoned onions] $4 Naan [traditional white bread] $4

Broccoli Naan [white bread stuffed with broccoli & spices] $6

Tandoori Specialties [charcoal clay oven]

Lamb Loin Chops [marinated with ginger, garlic and spices] $25

Fish Tikka [salmon marinated with spices and herbs] $21

Tandoori Chicken [bone-in chicken cooked with spiced yogurt] half $14/ full $26

Boti Kebab [lamb marinated in spiced yogurt] $19

Chicken Tikka [chicken marinaterd with ginger,garlic & herbs ] $18

Malai Kebab [boneless chicken marinated in spiced yogurt] $18

Seekh Kebab [Ground lamb seasoned with onions, gingern,garlic & herbs] $18

Tandoori Mix Grill [chicken tikka,boti kebab, tandoori chicken, shish kebab, & shrimp ] $22 add salmon $3

Shrimp Tandoori [marinated in spiced yogurt] $21

Seafood selection

Scallops $22, Shrimp $19 Fish $19

Descriptions for sauces

Curry sauce made with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and herbs

Vindaloo Curry sauce with added spice

Nargisi coconut based cream sauce

Tikka Masala tomato based cream sauce

Goat Specialties

Goat Curry [cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, & herbs] $22

Goat Vindaloo [cooked with spicy curry sauce] $22

Goat Korma [cooked in onion cream sauce] $22

American fare

Chicken Fingers $13

Fried Shrimp $15

Buffalo Wings $15

Fried Flounder $15

18% granularity added to all checks

Dessert Menu

Kheer [rice pudding] $5

Kulfi [authentic Indian ice cream flavored with pistachio] $5

Gulab Jamun [cheese balls in sugar syrup - served warm] $5

Ras Malai [chilled cheese patty in milk sauce] $5...........Unavailable Sorry for the inconvenience

Mango Sundae [vanilla ice cream with mango sauce & topped with

whipped cream] $7

Triple Chocolate Cake $7

Beverage Menu

Masala Chai [Indian spiced tea prepared with ginger, clove, black & green cardamom] $3

Coffee $2

Mango Lassi [yogurt and mango pulp] $4

Sweet Lassi [sweet buttermilk] $2

Strawberry Lassi [buttermilk with strawberry] $4

Mango, pineapple, or orange juice $3

Soft drinks $2

Sparkling water $3

Iced tea $2

Wine Cooler $4

Indian Beer

Bira [16 oz] $6.50

Taj Mahal [22 oz] $8.75

Godfather $6.50